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Heaven is to your left – Vanda

I enjoyed trying to guess along with Alice who the traitor friend is, who could want to hurt Alice and Juliana? well, the answer is given in this novel and i have to say i was surprised. Again, Al and Jule’s relationship is put to the test, considering the difficulties they are facing, it’s understandable. Then, we are left again on another cliffhanger, the biggest one so far. 

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Paris, Adrift – Vanda

The story is really good and intriguing, as for once there is real intrigue, not knowing who the traitor friend is. I was hoping for more romance and sex but when you read the story, you understand why there isn’t as much as we’d hope, considering the plot of the 3rd book. I always appreciated Vanda’s book in part for the reason that she has researched so much on how life was for women, people of color and the LGBT community in the settings in which the story happens. It’s the little things that helps you transport into the story and feel real.

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Olympus Nights on the Square by Vanda

I absolutely loved reading volume 2, i already cannot wait for volume 3 and others to come if there are any after that. I was happy to welcome back Alice and Juliana into my reading life, two beautifully written LGBT characters. While there are some sexual and sensual passages, what i appreciate the most is that the book doesn’t need to be an erotica to allow LGBT characters to be taken seriously.

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The power of real love by Gina Fauteux

In this memoir, Gina talks in great lengths and details about the tribulations from even before her birth and throughout her life until when the book was written in 2015 and how her faith in God and Christ especially helped her get through rocks in her path.

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Empty before you by Claire Scott

Out of the 3 books of the trilogy, this one is the most intense, suspenseful and dramatic. While i didn’t really tear up while reading the first 2 books, the last one sure had me cry more than once. 

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Forsaken before you by Claire Scott

I really liked the suspense in the second book, i kept asking myself if she’s just worrying over probably nothing, yet trying to find at same time who could betray her to her own father after everything Gwen’s father did to her. I truly liked the way where the story went, the writing style and the perfect balance between the storyline as a whole, the sex, the relationships and the suspense that kills you with touches of humour.

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Alone before you by Claire Scott

I really loved how descriptive the writing is in showing emotions that Gwen is going through, whether it’s panic, happiness or sexual. I truly enjoyed the sex scenes and the sex talks. Overall i found the characters and story credible, i didn’t find anything that i thought made no sense. It truly made me want to jump right away into the second book, which i don’t have. 5 stars.

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Sol of the Coliseum by Adam Gaylord

I especially liked the last few chapters, filled with action-packed paced lines. Sol of the Coliseum is a book that different book genre readers can appreciate.

I would give this book a 4 stars out of 5 and suggest you pick it up and read it.

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My interview with Francis Mandewah

NL~ How did you feel when you finally finished writing your memoir? What went through your mind?
FM~ I always had a guilty conscience that I have an obligation to tell my story, so I felt quite relieved and accomplished that I have been able to honor my friend Tom Johnson, who out of his own goodwill and generosity met me and befriended me, and he transformed my life from poverty in Africa, to opportunity in America.